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Things to look out for with replica Yeezys


The extreme hype behind Yeezys has both positive and negative effects. The positives are that Kanye is making waves with his new styles and is really pushing the fashion industry forwards, so much so that the items he sells are so popular that they sell out immediately. Due to the fact that they sell out immediately they also rise hugely in price and scoring a pair of cheap yeezys becomes near impossible. The result of this s that people will often then turn to replicas, or even worse, they attempt to purchase some cheap yeezys that they think are real, only to find out a month later that they are fake.

I personally support anyone who wants to buy fakes and owns it. It’s cool if you don’t have the money to spend a few thousand on the most hyped releases, so you purchase some replicas but aren’t afraid of telling people they’re not the real deal. But the thing I have an issue with is when people purchase replicas and then try to pass then off as authentic. Here are some ways you can tell if you are purchasing authentic Yeezys.

Always check the weight against a confirmed real pair if you have the option. The Yeezy brand always uses the same amount of materials in each shoe (depending on the size) so if the weight feels off then reconsider your purchase.

Also check the insole of your Yeezys, one of the main things to check is that it’s there. Yes I know, sounds bizarre right? Well some replica manufacturers actually don’t include an insole, so if the pair you are purchasing is missing one then get out of there quick.

My final bit of advice is to purchase from Stock x if you’re still uncertain. By purchasing from stock x you’re guaranteeing that the shoes will be legit checked before you receive them. This also means that if you see some cheap yeezys on there, you don’t even have to be sceptical, as you know they’re going to be legit checked before they get to you.

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